Rock Climbing- A Full Workout


Hey guys and gals, how is everyone doing? Thanks for checking out my sports and fitness blog again, I will keep trying to bring you guys some quality content. This week I wanted to talk about a new activity I have tried to get into, rock climbing. I managed to get a bunch of cheap used gear from and have been exploring all the different gear possibilities to make the perfect rock climbing build. You need certain pieces of gear to rock climb, but the actual brands and models you choose are fully up to you, allowing you to better control your climb.


  Rock Wall Climbing

Climbing Shoes

The most important piece of equipment you can have when rock climbing is your climbing shoes. No way are you getting of the ground on a sheer cliff face with those beaten up sneakers that have no tread. Depending on your climbing surface, you may want different shoes with different features. Ice shoes for example have more spikes on them to stab into the ice. You can find some pre owned ones at at really affordable prices.


  Rock Climbing Shoes

Rock Climbing Harness

While your shoes may be the most important piece of gear for climbing, the most important piece in terms of safety is your harness. A good harness should be comfortable yet snug, and have ample room for climbing anything you need to it. I found a second hand rock climbing harness for sale that I have been using for a while now that has additional pouches for chalk, and a water bottle holder!


  Rock Climbing Harness Set


Climbing Ropes

If you don’t get any ropes, then your new harness is useless! There are three kinds of ropes to choose from when looking at them, so choose wisely. The most common type is s single rope, and used for normal belaying. Then there are half ropes, which are used in pairs for wandering trails (my favourite). The third type is twin ropes, which are used for non-wandering paths. Ropes are best bought new, so I suggest looking at a big selection such as this one .


Webbing and Cord

At this point, most people who are not thinking about rock climbing anytime soon have stopped reading. This may be sounding like my post on what to bring to yoga. But you need lots of equipment if you want to climb on your own and your webbing is vital for solo climbs.


Pack it Up!

So now that you have your harness, your climbing shoes, your ropes, and your webbing lets get going! Pack it all up and go find something to climb! Climbing is a great exercise and uses all your muscles, so make sure to stretch first! I hope you liked this post, and if so then why not check out my last one on squash? Have a great day everyone!

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Aaron Pico to Make MMA Debut

Yo yo yo what’s going on everybody, welcome back to my sports and fitness blog. About three years ago, a phone call took place between infamous mixed martial arts manager Bob Cook and Scott Coker, who is the president of Bellator MMA. Cook simply stated that he had the next kid, and after bringing heavyweight striker Daniel Cormier to Coker in 2009 this was a statement that got taken seriously. At the time Aaron Pico was only 17 years old, and was a golden gloves boxers in LA who also wrestled. Coker was a little apprehensive, but within a couple of months both sides came to an agreement in a developmental contract that Pico signed just after turning 18.  Read more

Boules - A Relaxing Outdoor Sport

Boules – A Relaxing Outdoor Sport

Hello everyone. I hope you all had a great weekend! Today I would like to welcome you back to my sports and fitness blog.
The summer is definitely the time for outdoor activities. But not everybody likes a full body workout where you are drenched in sweat afterwards. Some prefer relaxed sports and like to spend their time outdoors leisurely. Therefore I have the perfect match for you! The French sports Boules. It is the ideal light outdoor activity not just for pensioners – like most people think – but it is suitable for everyone. Form the young to the old. Read more

Stanley Cup Playoffs 2017

Yo yo yo, what's going on everyone? Welcome back to my sports and fitness blog, its awesome that all my readers keep coming back week after week, month after month. Now, enough with the sappy stuff, onto what you came here for. Hockey! Ice Hockey to be exact, and no not the International Ice Hockey Championship that featured no superstars what so ever. I am talking about the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs, in which we are currently entrenched in the finals of. This has been an interesting playoff run so far, as the Detroit Red Wings failed to make the playoffs for the first time in 27 seasons, which shifted the record to the Pittsburgh Penguins who have less than half of what the Red Wings had at only 11. This was also the first time since 2006 in which both teams from the Canadian province in Alberta made the playoffs, as well as all three Eastern Canadian teams. Read more

Fill your Hockey Bag

Fill your Hockey Bag

Hey everyone, and welcome to my sports and fitness blog. The NHL Stanley Cup finals are going on as we speak, which means that around the world hockey season is coming to an end as the ice melts and the the players lose their sweaty equipment for golf clubs and blazers. After the season ends I find is always the best time to start shopping for hockey gear for next season as you can save tons of money buying used equipment from the last season. I personally like to take a look at when I am shopping for used sports equipment and they haven’t let me down yet. Much like a previous post I did on what to put in your yoga bag, this post will cover the things you need to pick up to fill your hockey bag before the season starts.  Read more

Magic Johnson Shines for the Lakers again

Magic Johnson Shines for the Lakers again

Hello sports fans, welcome back to another post on my sports and fitness blog. This time we are discussing the NBA, and even though this time of year is usually fairly news free there is one interesting point to talk about. Magic Johnson is back in L.A. with the Lakers once more. Johnson was named President of Basketball Operations, pushing Mitch Kupchak and Jim Buss to the curb just days before the trade deadline. This move instantly made ripples as people talked about the changes that Magic will bring to the Lakers. No one knows how exactly this will pan out, but Magic has laid out a few thoughts explaining how he landed the job. Read more

Rock Climbing - A full workout

Rock Climbing- A Full Workout

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Play squash to increase fitness

Play squash to increase fitness

Squash is one of the most physically demanding sports there is. This is excellent for fitness, but watch out for injuries as it is that physical. Stretching before a game will certainly help keep this to a minimum. For non squash players it looks kind of easy right, all you are doing is rallying a small ball against a wall, with a mate, whilst having a chat right?  Wrong! An average 45 minute game of squash can burn around 500 calories and if not fit will make your leg and arm muscles burn within minutes of starting the game. If you are over 40, a smoker, or a little out of shape then it’s advisable you do some cardio fitness training before entering a squash court. Read more

Things to pack in your yoga bag

Things to pack in your yoga bag

Namaste and welcome back to my fitness blog. As I’m getting older gone are the days when I yearn for the great sweaty feeling after an hour long spin class, or the achy muscles after a great weight training class.  Instead I have felt myself leaning more towards yoga and pilates.  I have always been fond of yoga, and have attended at least one yoga class a week for the past 3 or 4 years, but recently I have found myself waking up earlier 3 times a week to head in and lay out my yoga mat for a great 45 minute long session.  Obviously one of the most important factors in deciding on a class is the teacher, and I highly recommend trying out lots of different yoga classes, and different styles of yoga before settling on one class.  You might find that Bikram yoga is more suited to you, or that you prefer outdoor classes, although that option is probably not viable year round for most of us.   Read more

Spin Class love

Spin Class love

Hey guys, and welcome back to my Sports and Fitness blog.  IF you read my blog on a regular basis then i’m sure you will know all about my love of trying new and different fitness classes.   Read more

NFL Draft Mid Season

2016 NFL Draft Mid Season Check up

Hey everybody, welcome back to my sports blog. I recently improved my game day set up thanks to so that I can watch multiple games every Sunday and it is awesome. I have been able to catch up on what so many players are doing. This is great for me because I like to think of my self as a student of the game, and as student of the game I like to know who is doing good and who isn't (It becomes really helpful in Madden). That's why I have decided to start a series covering the first round of the 2016 NFL draft and what the picks are up to. I know I usually post about Steelers but I want to try adn expand a little bit to cover more teams with these great players. And away we go! Read more

Game of the week

Game of the week Read more

Table Tennis

Table Tennis 

Welcome back folks.  For toady’s sports and fitness installment, I’d like to talk about table tennis, a relatively uncovered sport and one that’s not always fully understood.  Many still refer to the sport in a leisurely way as Ping-Pong, which is generally something you would play as a child with your nan or granddad, though it’s actually an incredibly technical (hundreds of grades and styles of bat, rubber and glue), fast -paced sport that is played competitively worldwide.  Read more



Hi folks and welcome my blog.  This a general open blog intending to cover anything and everything related to sports and fitness.  Whether it be swimming or football to motor sports, UFC, daily workouts or sports nutrition, this blog will at some point cover it.  Read more

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